About us

Welcome to J&L Garrett Ltd. Jack Garrett has been making jewellery since the start of his apprenticeship in 1965. Fortunately landing in one of the better jewellery houses of that time he was exposed to high class pieces of jewellery under the directions and tutorship of a group of new immigrant ex Hatten Garden and German Jewellers. Since then he has gained a reputation for innovative design and high quality hand made jewellery pieces in gold and platinum, from engagement rings to diamond set platinum bracelets.

He shows this wealth of experience and natural talent in all of his jewellery giving balance form and beauty to the piece you choose.

Louise Garrett has been involved in the making and selling of fine jewellery for 20 years and brings a wide range of ideas and designs and an innate ability to understand her client’s needs resulting in a piece of jewellery styled to suit your tastes and budget.

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